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September 17, 2011

Ken Bisulca
Looks like I've lost the fight for my little boy!!! Don't want to, but attourney says it'll cost another $2000 for appeal and since he now has gotten adopted by some other people... ANY type of decision in our favour is a "long, long, long shot". He said that even if we win the appeal, it'll get thrown back into the same court with the same judge who did so many procedural things wrong in the first place. I don't know where to turn, who can help, what to do... thought about going to the local media to shine light on what DCF has done to us, but not gotten any response from them to my telephone requests. He's all I can think about... I've gotten a new job, but I can't even celebrate that because what does it mean??? Who am I doing this for? ME? No way!! He is my little Munchkin, and I love him so very much. I have presents for his birthday on the 7th of October, but I"m not sure if I can even get those to him!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ken Bisulca I could see if i were neglectful or abusive or even didn't care of him whilst he was with me. But that was NOT the case...even DCF said so. They even said that I was full on to be a wonderful adoptive parent... then in one stroke, he was gone... wrongfully, and there's nothing I can do about it!!! I've been fighting and fighting since the 15th October when they took him off of me last year in Family Court. DCF hates me because I have not "gone quietly into that good night". But I don't care... all I want is to get my little big man back in my care where he belongs!!!
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Patrick Reeder Everything I know is based off of fighting for our four kids over a 2 year span. we have won twice and got them back just to have them taken every time. We haven't had to face the adoption yet and I pray that we never will, I'm so sorry that it has gone like this for your family and I wish I could give you advice. The only thing I can say is what I've learned from our wins is that you only fail when you give up. stay strong, it will take time but if you keep fighting you stand a good chance of winning esp when enough families start speaking up and changing the way things are. I know its not much to hold on to but its something and it keeps us going. I'm sorry Ken, I truly am. Don't give up just yet.
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Brenda Wiener Gobert I'm so sorry. Did your atty specailize in CPS cases?
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Leonard Henderson ?Ken Bisulca- I am sitting here in grief and frustration.

You wouldn't believe how many people's stories I have proof-read, seen their evidence. I really believe the UTTER INNOCENCE of most of the people we have tried to help.

I have seen the completely criminal activities of CPS and their colluding contractors. I have seen the absurd injustice from these unconstitutional courts.

We try to help people win. More than likely your case DOES have plenty of FACTS ON THE RECORD to win at appeal.

But when it comes down to it, CPS kidnapping kids and making them Legal Orphans is a DISEASE of government TYRANNY. And the cure for THAT we do not discuss in public forums.
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Leonard Henderson

The best alternative to THAT I have come up with is the Family Union-



We have been seeing the Union stories in the news. Mostly about them being a bunch of jerks and getting away with it. Right?

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Patrick Reeder ?Leonard Henderson, I have joined the union group. I have been reading as much as i can get my mind to absorb in a day and I was just wondering if there was anything else I can do to help.
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Leonard Henderson

The thing that frustrates me the MOST is wondering WHY the WARNING ABOUT CPS never goes VIRAL. The warning to young new parents never breaks through the fog and noise- until the trap door snaps on another one.

When we first got on Facebook, we thought we might have found the ideal social media to REALLY get the WARNING out. We did join a bunch of Facebook groups trying to get EVERYBODY on the same page and ready to FIGHT TOGETHER.

But alas, we got on THEIR mailing lists and got covered up with thousands of messages of drivel.

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Leonard Henderson

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Leonard Henderson

And I can be pretty sure what this entire tantrum is probably gonna get is about a maximum of 8 "Likes".
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Leonard Henderson

Which really means that with a membership of 778, perhaps 20 people will see this thread before it disappears into the fog too.
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